Whether you are a medical professional who wants to add consumer and business lab testing to your existing clinic or you you think medical lab testing is the right business for you, we are here to help.
Offer thousands of tests including Blood, DNA, STD, Drug, Wellness and Paternity at a fraction of the retail costs, the potential for revenue growth is unlimited.

No Franchise Fees
No Royalties
Unlike a franchise, there are no rules and regulations, no fees, no audits and no territory or advertising restrictions—set your own prices per market demands and brand your own business as you see fit! With AnyTestMD you can take advantage of cost savings, convenience, improved privacy, and greater control.
Become a business in as fast as 90 days. Get Started Now

Even the best franchise opportunities are expensive and come with many franchise restrictions. With us, you are buying your own Lab Test Business.
We provide training, vendor setup, marketing programs, hiring, location assistance and access to a doctor- an entire system to start and run your own business.
A flexible business opportunity, you can run your Direct Access Testing business from anywhere. Co-locate as part of an existing business like a doctor, chiropractor, Med Spa or Fitness Center, standalone location, or go mobile.